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box it up

box it up

“You can’t read tone over text,” goes the argument of those most disturbed of people, who advocate for phone calls instead of just hanging up and texting like a normal person. I beg to differ. Clearly they have never received a text message that starts with “hey Rach…” in just that exact tone that tells me there’s a project incoming.

It was a fun one – my friend wanted to make a custom advent box, and knew I had a cricut I loved any excuse to whip out. She had found a box at Kmart, and all the goodies to go inside it, all I had to do was design the the layout and get it cut. I found the cute stamps and postmarks on SVGNation, and used a typewriter font I have had for years. The stripes on the side, I created using this airmail set from Freepik, and just cropped and duplicated and recoloured to get the size I needed.

We kept it pretty generic, so it will work for years to come, whether they want to use it as a December 1st box or a Christmas Eve box or something in between. It’s also named just for their family, so if the grown ups want to sneak in some treaties for each other, then they can.

It turned out super cute, and as I work through an advent counting down to a Christmas of another “first last” – the last Christmas with our eldest as a “child”, not the adult he’ll be next year – it is so joyful to pass the baton to one of my oldest friends, her wee toddler the book end to my big boy, the first and last of the kiddos of our group. Those early Christmases with tiny toddlers are completely magical, and it was a blessing to be able to play a little part in that magic.

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