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…keep watch…

…keep watch…

If you’ve been around here for longer than maybe thirty seconds, you would know that crafty shenanigans are a standard part of my daily life. Many a conversation with my chief enablers starts with “ok someone talk me off the ledge…” only to find myself rapidly over the ledge within minutes. To be fair, though, I am pretty good at leading myself astray when the enablers are otherwise occupied. Both of them were unavoidably detained for a good five hours and the first comment when they arrived back online was “ok so what did you buy and/or start while you were unsupervised”. Between being unsupervised, and the three of us being highly skilled enablers, we are regularly tripping and falling into all kinds of crafty trouble.

One of my most recent “oh whoops look what fell in my cart” purchases before Christmas was a Cricut Maker. I mean, technically, we were all pretending it was to be a Christmas present, but you better believe I was opening that sucker up the second it arrived. In between ordering and arriving, Creepy Facebook Targeted Advertising worked it’s magic and showed up a tshirt loudly declaring what really should be our group motto – “In my defense, I was left unsupervised”. How many times have I instagrammed a picture of spotlight with the caption “hey hey look where I am unsupervised”? LOTS. That’s how many. So it was a no brainer what my first cricut project should be.

This tank will now be my new uniform on the days I require the mister to do the post office run. Back in April 2020, he was the only one leaving the house, and thus the only one doing the post office run and it was…less than ideal. Which, I mean, could not be unexpected when I was unsupervised AND locked down, but I don’t think he viewed being on first name terms with the post office ladies a positive thing. Normal people panic-buy toilet paper. I panic-bought craft supplies. One wouldn’t want to be trapped in a hard lockdown and run out of supplies and/or projects, would they?

Of course, I can give as good as I get. For as many projects and purchases my enablers convince me into (and by convince, I mean “if they don’t say no in 30 seconds it’s a yes”), I manage to push them off as many ledges and lead them into as many shenanigans. With my shirt complete, projects two and three surely followed.

I picked up the tanks at Best & Less, but of course, I couldn’t get all three sizes in the one colour, which was a bit annoying, but I think they turned out cool nonetheless. Tomorrow’s job is to get them in the post, and then we wait and cross everything and hope that 2021 plays nicely and we get a chance to take a photo together with our shirts.

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