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what a mystery

what a mystery

For the first time since we first put out a pair of tiny toddler booties on the night of December 5th, 2007, awaiting a magical visit from St Nicholas; I wasn’t home to remind everyone to put their shoes out, and to track the progress of St Nick and his bag of goodies. The children and I were in Sydney, and so we left daddy in charge of putting out shoes, and insisted he send a text the next morning to confirm St Nicholas had once again found us.

He’s a predictable sort, old St Nick. In the usual tradition, he left Christmas jammies for everyone (minion themed, this year), a bucket of Christmas M&Ms, and something to share. In past years there’s been books, and DVDs, and games. This year, he left us a Christmassy how-to-host-a-murder pack that should make for lots of laughs over the next couple of weeks.

The pack was a digital download, which is both good (yay for no postage costs) and bad (boo for nothing tangible to put under the tree). What was I to do, but give the poor old chap a hand?

I had purchased this murder mystery kit, and then printed each file three-to-a-landscape-page, which left them the perfect size to be stapled in the top corner and popped inside a paper mache book box. My original plan was to use the graphic from the front of the host instructions, but unfortunately, after editing it in photoshop to make it Cricut ready, the scale I needed to drop it to, to fit, was just too small, so instead I picked simpler versions of the same elements, and a couple of fun fonts, and created my own cover design.

Over the early days of covid, so many game companies generously offered up printable versions of their games. Ticket To Ride, Cards Against Humanity, Citadel, and Exit The Game were all added to our collection, and I was very thankful for them in those long days of lockdown and trying to keep the kids entertained. Conversely, trying to organise a store a million pieces of paper, even once laminated, was quite the logistical challenge. Having cracked the code with this printable, I hope to go back and print a couple of our favourites and create mini book boxes for them also.

Now all that’s left to do, is work together to discover the murderer lurking among us before its too late…

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