Mondayitis? Not me!

What a lovely weekend. Daylight savings finished, and left us with a glorious Sunday sleepin. A productive week meant a relaxing weekend. Saturday started cool, but turned deliciously warm, as only late autumn can, giving us a chance to get stuck into some long overdue gardening. A quick trip to the hardware store, and I had myself some nice new (and sharp!) garden shears, ready to attack Star Jasmines that had taken the form of triffids. And I won. For now. We also took the chance to go for a bike ride with small people, and help Bear master the art of riding without training wheels, including a special trip to the park just he and Daddy, with a phone call home to mummy to proudly announce his success. A spot of window shopping for oil paints had my brush finger itching, so I pulled out the acyrlics and carved out some painting time for me. Big Mistake. I Suck. ‘nough said. Easter crafts with the boys. Chocolate making, lattice slice baking, hot coffee drinking. Visits from special people. Some window-shopping-turning-click-and-ordering on a new craft. Cutting on a new quilt.

Monday is here, and heralds in a final busy four days before holidays. School, preschool, fundraisers, assemblies. But in all the busyness, Monday is looking to play fair. “Cuggles” with my girl. I feel the itch for some scones (which may or may not be related to the tub of heveanly organic cream screaming my name from the fridge). I want to finish cutting a swoon block and get it sewn up. There is some crochet and hand binding whispering sweet nothings in my ear, calling me to a date with the couch and a movie. Some designing and letting loose the ideas knocking to get out. Taking the reins in both hands and making the most of it, 3pm will be here before we know it. Monday. Four day week. Downhill run to holidays starts NOW. Let’s do this!

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