Bloggers Boogie {super old school edition}

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LAST WEEKS BOOGIERS: Amy, Car, Bee, Natasha & AJ joined me in blogging a boogie.

I’ve been using my mum’s car a bit this week, and her ipod is like a shot of nostalgia, so this week, I’ve gone way back old school, and picked out some favourites from my childhood, that I remember listening to with my parents.

Cold Chisel – Khe Sahn- of course!

Smokie – Living Next Door to Alice.

Fleetwood Mac – Don’t Stop. This was a hard one to narrow down!

The song that kicked me off! Paul Kelly’s To Her Door

Slim Dusty – Grasshopper Loose in Queensland. There are a heap of “Slim Dirty” (geddit?) songs I could have chosen this week, but this one just makes me smile, and takes me back to the days when my sister and I would be invited to go camping with my dad, pop, and uncle down the river, and we’d sit in front of the campfire, in our trackies and white patent leather boots (hey. It was the early 90s. How stylin’ were you?), giggling and singing away.

Bonus old school new style – Slim Dusty’s Saddle Boy, covered by Kasey Chambers and The Dead Ringer Band – this one is a firm family fave!

And another bonus video for this week, jumping the generations – this is a particular favourite of Butterfly, thanks to Amy getting us hooked Glee! Nothing cuter than a 20 month old singing Bieber. Melt-worthy.

What are your nostalgia tracks? I wonder if any of my speak to you… what’s been playing at your place lately?

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