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…20 before 2020…

…20 before 2020…


There’s something about a new year, and the long expanse of summer holidays before us, that seems to get the creative juices flowing, and inspire a slew of new projects. Just this morning, I hit up the local fabric shop for supplies for the latest and greatest grand idea that’s popped up over the last few days…more on that one later!

But with our “make all the things” challenge deadline having been and gone, it was time to set new goals to keep us on track. And so…the “20 before 2020” was born. But, says I, what if we don’t just do 20 things, but each item on the list, involves that number of actual things. So item 20 would be 20 books read, for instance, was the example I used. And off we scurried to our respective list making corners, and came up with 20 things to do before 2020 (though there is some debate about whether they need to be done by the start of 2020 or the end of 2020…I guess it depends how the list looks come December 2019!).

And so, I present, my list of 20 things to do before 2020:

1 ACR blanket finished
2 pairs of knitted socks
3 cross stitches finished
4 new hobbies tried
5 completed quilts
6 chapters written
7 children’s garments sewn
8 handbound books
9 stamps carved
10 mini oil paintings
11 Christmas crafts
12 months of blogging
13 remaining challenge materials used
14 mixed media mini cards
15 gemstone bracelets
16 impromptu micro challenges/joint projects
17 baked treats
18 project life layouts
19 handmade cards
20 books read

I’m looking forward to working through this list, using it as a prompter and inspirer for a whole year’s worth of crafty goodness, stash busting and powering through the WIP list. I’m planning to share a monthly update here, and both Car and I will be sharing over on Instagram using the hashtag #carandrachys202020

We are about halfway through our holidays, and slowly making progress on the house projects we’d hoped to get done. After a busy few days, I’m looking for some downtime this afternoon to reset my morning basket, and then work on a couple of daily projects I’ve managed to get myself roped into. I might even start a new book…oh the multitude of dilemmas a slow Saturday afternoon brings…


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