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…2020 sprint to the finish…

…2020 sprint to the finish…

At the beginning of last year, my partner in crime and I came up with a 20 point list of things to do before 2020. In theory, it was supposed to be finished before 2020 started, but with the flexibility built in that anything before the end of 2020 would be considered a win.

Last night I pulled out the list. At first glance it seemed overwhelming, but as I ran down the list and looked at what I’ve actually done towards it since the start, I think it may actually be doable to get this challenge done before the end of the year, especially given my current penchant for actually getting stuff finished!

Here’s how the progress stands as of today:
1 ACR blanket finished – done!
2 pairs of knitted socks
3 cross stitches finished – Alice, StoryTime and Deck The Halls tree vignette
4 new hobbies tried – natural dyeing, punch needle, reduction printing, digital art. Done!
5 completed quilts – pink & grey triangles, vintage dolls quilt, improv triangle quilt, rainbow squares. Four down, one to go!
6 chapters written – maybe half of one chapter? This might be the trickiest one to finish.
7 children’s garments sewn – a jumper for Miss10, tights for Miss10, a skirt for Miss10, a costume for Mr7 and Mr14, a Christmas vest for each boy and a skirt and vest for Miss10. DONE!
8 handbound books – none finished but three sets of covers ready to be turned into books
9 stamps carved – current total stands at four.
10 mini oil paintings – not even sketched or close to starting
11 Christmas crafts – the one cross-stitch noted above, letterpress git tags, folded mini journals. Only three and none of them blogged. Bushfire season took precedence over christmas craftapalooza season last year!
12 months of blogging – done!
13 remaining challenge materials used – this needs a full revisit and a scroll through my insta to work out what I have finished and what is left to do! I’ve updated my list here.
14 mixed media mini cards – I’m going to claim my 53 days of completed digital mixed media cards for this one – done!
15 gemstone bracelets – done! Batch 1 & batch 2.
16 impromptu micro challenges/joint projects – done! I will have to summarise these outside of this list! This is another that needs a deeper dive to work out exactly how any crazy ideas we’ve pumped out in the last 21 months…
17 baked treats – I’m calling this one done! I haven’t blogged them all or instagrammed them all or even added them to my list, but I know I’ve baked at least 17 times since the beginning of last year.
18 project life layouts – 7 done for day in the life, 11 to go.
19 handmade cards – I’ve managed a grand total of one! I better get my skates on!
20 books read – done and dusted by around June last year.

There’s a fair bit to get through, but a lot of them only require a small slice of time and can be knocked out in bulk. The only two I am concerned about is the 6 chapters written and the 10 oil paintings, so this week’s focus will be on working out how to get close to something I can consider acceptable for those, and then the rest, well, I’ll start at the top and start smashing my way through the list. Which tells me, first up, I need to cast on some socks!

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