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…21 things 21 times…

…21 things 21 times…

The start of a new year brings with it a flurry of new project energy. With the 2 year long 20 Before 2020 challenge at an end, I am ready to DIVE into new 2021 challenge. Over the last couple of weeks, my crafty partner in crime and I were left unsupervised while our head cheerleader was moving interstate and we accidentally sort of kind of cooked up a next level challenge. 21 Things, 21 Times. This year is bound to be marked by yoyoing restrictions and lockdowns and plenty of time at home, and should be a fabulous chance to really get hooked into some of our favourite creative outlets.

After pondering it for a while, we had a brainstorming session, and came up with 21 things we could do 21 times, tapping into a range of hobbies, resolutions, goals and blocks that came out of the 202020 experiment. Over the next 364 days, we plan to cover:

  1. 21 no spend days a month
  2. 21 books
  3. 21 starts
  4. 21 walks over 5km
  5. 21 flash fic prompts
  6. 21 sewing projects
  7. 21 spreads (art journal/project life/scrapping)
  8. 21 random challenges
  9. 21 yarn craft milestones
  10. 21 board games played
  11. 21 watercolours
  12. 21 carvings
  13. 21 dyeing projects
  14. 21 faces
  15. 21 photo walks
  16. 21 social media freezes
  17. 21 blog posts
  18. 21 finishes
  19. 21 Pinterest projects
  20. 21 ATCs/mini cards/gift cards

Some will be easy, some will take some thought and effort. Most of them should be doable even if we go into hard lockdown. All of them should be a barrel of fun. I’ll be blogging my way through the challenge, of course, and we’ll be sharing our shenanigans over on instagram, with the hashtag #21things21times. I can’t wait to see what creative adventures this challenge and this year brings.

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