…31 minutes update…

img_602631 minutes a day, sounds pretty easy, right? A week into the month and I’m all over this challenge! And getting so much done! I’m really enjoying carving out a slice of time during the day (or evening) just for my own fun – especially now we are homeschooling, and mama-centric time is at an all-time premium! I’ve actually become very protective over it, and quite fussy over what counts. Little snippets during school? They totally don’t count. Blogging doesn’t count. Must be 31 consecutive minutes of soaking in the serenity of my craft room. Or the lounge with a movie in a dark and silent house. Active, personal, crafting. It’s pretty magic.

1/10 – non-crafty – worked on a puzzle while chatting to house guests

2/10 – mixed media – made the 4×6″ card in the top left of the photo, to celebrate the “start” of the 31/31 challenge, and also forming part of my Card A Week personal challenge (more on that later)

3/10 – scrapbooking – working on #myselfiescrapbook from 2015 (just a little behind lol)

4/10 – crochet – worked on my rainbow wave blanket and knocked over another colour.

5/10 – scrapbooking – working on #myselfiescrapbook some more.

6/10 – scrapbooking – finished #myselfiescrapbook – who doesn’t love a finish!!

7/10 – non-crafty – my child-free time in the morning ended up being absorbed by hardware shopping with the mister, because marriage is just that glamorous!! I did stay up ridiculously late reading though, and since my brief for this project is “selfish self care” I’m going to call the 7th done!

8/10 – memory keeping – December Daily 2016 travelers notebook insert. I managed to complete the base of 6 double page spreads, with photos to be added once I have access to my main computer again (technology is the wooooorst!)


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