6 blocks down!

Well, I’ve had a productive weekend. We’ve made our son a sandpit, and I finally got around to cleaning my office out & turning it into (mainly) my studio. And with my own creative space, inspiration has hit, hard. Expect to see lots of new stuff in the next few weeks!


My Jacob’s Ladder quilt is progressing nicely, I have 6 blocks completed, out of a total 24, so I feel like I’m making real progress. Here’s a sneak peek at one block:



It isn’t as wonky as it looks, it’s just the way the photo turned out, and how the cropping went. The finished quilt will be 24 of these blocks, with 2 visual grids – one of the dark blue triangles, and an interlocked grid of the little red squares.


I’m quite happy with how it’s going, can’t wait to see the finished quilt!

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