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a little shop update

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It was one of those ideas I had been sitting on for a while. I’d even created the instagram account for it. A little pop-up shop, with a bit of whatever was tickling my fancy at any given moment. I have for a while been planning on splitting my Etsy shops, one into my main product, one as an “outlet store”, so to speak, with regular releases of mixed product. Eventually in my ponderings on the subject, I thought of running it as a facebook market night, but in the end decided I would do the initial pop-up as an instagram sale. And so the Barefoot Pop-up Shop was born. The first release is a short run of six bags, modelled on one that I made for Bear a while bag that was quite a hit on twitter & instagram. I’d call it a success so far – three were sold before I could get out with a friend who kindly agreed to model the bags for me! There are still three left, that are now available in my Etsy shop.

LWD-0255-001 LWD-0271-002 LWD-0280-003



Last week, my much awaited order of new cardstock arrived. With the advent of school holidays comes the begging for sleep-overs at nanny & poppy’s house, so before long the car seats were installed in my mum’s car, the bags were packed, and all four smalls were buckled in with Beetle waving at me before issuing demands of “DOOR. DOOR. MAMA DOOR”. And so I closed the door as requested, waved them all farewell, and hit the studio. I printed cards. I cut kraft card. I stamped some metal blanks (more on those later). I twisted twine & tried to figure out the best & neatest way to get it to do what I wanted. Spoiler alert – I got it worked out & I LOVE this new packaging. Isn’t is cute?

hello cards i love you cards im thinking of you cardsthank you cards


Three of these new notecard sets are now available in the shop – “hello” sold right away! – and more available for pre-order ready for Mothers Day. I have another round of designs about to be sent of for the plate to be printed and I am super excited to see how they come up – I can’t wait to show you these ones! Have a fabulous Friday x

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