Another Reader for the Challenge.



Dear Mummy’s friends in the compooter,

Books nice. I wants Thomas and Terrence and James and Bill-and-Ben and Snowy Special. Fity book, ummm, maybe not. Fity time?

Love Bear.


It’s Wednesday. Wednesday seems to come around even quicker than Monday. But it’s nicer than Mondays. I don’t lament Wednesdays, Wednesdays mean only two days til the weekend, and daddy at home.


I snapped this picture of Bear this morning, while I was changing his sheets. I heard a little voice on the chair behind me. “Heyo, I Thomas Tank Endin” “Heyo, I Tewence Twactor”. *rustle* “Missed corner, ober dere” *rustle* “Oo, stuck”.

The toddler was ‘reading’ to himself. Terence is a particular favourite, hence the almost word-perfect recital of the books contents. If the reading challenge allowed for multiple re-reads of the same book, Bear would have finished ten times over!

Today promises to be fun. We need to bake some bikkies for my SIL. I need to make a couple of cards. I want to get the boys covered in paint and make some foot-print wrapping paper. Duck-feeding was on the cards, but I used the last of the bread to make croutons last night, so depending on how the day rolls, we may even be decadent & open a new loaf for  the ducks.


It’s Wednesday. It’s good. It’s fun. Let’s do this!

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