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This week feels like it’s been about 100 years long! And at the same time, I feel like over done a whole lot of not much. I finished one book and started another. I did a few rows on my crochet blanket. I restarted my morning runs and my morning watercolours. I cut an order of custom labels for a friend. And the big event of this week? We adopted a kitten! Looking back over my archives as I do on occasion, it’s always fun to read over these weekly round ups, and the little snapshots at what we are up to, so I’ve decided to bring them back!

This week I am:

Reading: Into The World. An adventure, based on the true story of a woman escaping post-revolution France by disguising herself as a young man and joining an expedition to New Holland in search of the missing La Perouse. Started yesterday and I’m half way through, so it’s safe to say I’m enjoying it!

Listening to: The Day The Lies Began. The children tend to take over the speaker for music, so I’m AirPods in and into the audiobooks again.

Watching: Blue Heelers. Thanks to Amazon Prime, my partner in crime and I are revisiting our teenage fandom and having a virtual watch party of an evening. It’s a barrel of fun to watch and chat and dissect and revisit a firm 90s fave.

Sewing: a jumpsuit for Miss10 from a vintage McCalls pattern

Planning: a pinafore dress for myself

Baking: a super delicious rye & spelt peasant bread

Learning: underwear sewing including attempting twin needle sewing for the first time. Miss10 is obsessed with mama-made delicates now, and is constantly lobbying for more, so I think I can call this one successful!

The afternoon is slipping away and my need to plan the coming school week is growing more urgent. Before that, though, I think I can manage one more chapter of my book…

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