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It’s been a slow old Sunday around here – church this morning, followed by some chores and then I’ve just spent a delightful few hours sewing with a movie on the iPad. Just what we needed after a busy week that involved two road trips, a homeschool excursion, a seemingly terminal case of manflu, helping family, and still trying to get our regular stuff done as well!

This week, I have been:

Watching: Rams. This my sewing company this afternoon and I really enjoyed it.

Reading: I finished Into The World and loved it! I have also downloaded The Light Through The Leaves for my kindle

Finishing: Miss10’s jumpsuit! It just needs buttons when I am next in town, but is otherwise finished.

Making: good headway on my ice cream waffle blanket until I lost yarn chicken last night and am now stuck until my yarn order arrives from the UK

Starting: a pinafore dress for myself

Planning: a new quilt. I have the itch to do some patchwork & quilting, so I’m working on a simple design that I can do in stages in a tiny house where I can’t just take over the table

Loving: watching Mr14 fall in love with our new kitten. I would never have picked him as a cat person but he is obsessed with her and it is adorable.

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