because I need another hobby.

Or two. Alternately entitled, I know nothing about a craft ban.

It’s a cloudy rainy old day here at Chez Dove. And my spring cleaning is so far behind I don’t know if I could be bothered catching up. Well, I DO want to, but there are lots of things trying their hardest to distract me.

Like when the postie leaves a little parcel of Copics for me, after seeing everyone else have lots of pretties to play with.

Or a bag of pretty fibres and a felting awl.

Or Alissa sucks us all into Zentangle.

See. Can you blame me? Dinner is in the slow cooker, the house is reasonably tidy, one child sleeps, the other plays. Now, which do I want to try first, the Copics, or the felting?

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