Bingo 2023

Long weekends have long been an excuse within our craft group to dive into challenges and projects and using our bonus time wisely* (*wisely, of course, is a euphemism for craftily). Since 2019, Easter long weekend has meant a super sized challenge known as Creativity Bingo. A four day marathon of crafting, designed to be chock-full of prompts to get us moving, making, playing and exploring the various ways our creative practice lights us up. Last year, we invited our podcast community to join in, and it was so inspiring and encouraging to be asked if we were bringing it back this year and when it would launch. With such a positive response, how could we resist running it again this year?

How cute is this bingo card Car made for us? The rules were quite simple – 5pm Thursday to 5pm Monday, one square per project, and craft your hardest. I will confess it was one of my slowest years – by the start of day four, I only had three of a possible ten bingos marked off. The vibe was…different. It’s interesting seeing how my relationship to this project has changed over the years. One thing that hasn’t changed?

Making begets making.

I was no sooner into my first project of Friday morning, than my brain was zinging off into all the other projects I wanted to do as well. Part of it was the cozy weather inspiring me and reminding me of projects forgotten since last winter. Part was I was in the mindset that the weekend was alllll about making so I should make all the things. As I blended up clay, I got some pomegranate skins on to boil to create some dye. Later in the weekend, I paused the bingo to record a stop motion video. 

It was an amazing weekend of creating and connecting… and content! Over the past week, Instagram tells me I shared nine posts, FIFTY FOUR stories, and three reels. My camera roll on my phone is chockas with weekend photos and videos and out-takes. I had so much fun chatting to fellow bingo-ers and seeing what everyone was creating. 

There were projects galore. Coffee and cake and Easter egg hunts in the new house and fish & chips and slow breakfasts. A million games of chess, a couple of rounds of Catan. A handful of episodes of Class of 07 and a handful more of Bones. One book and one audiobook finished. Kid crafting and group projects and long-percolating inspiration. Despite my early stage apathy, I ended up having a blast and a super productive weekend. This was our final major holiday in our cabin, and it felt like a really solid way to honour and celebrate the adventures of the past three-and-a-bit years. A weekend of creating and connecting and enjoying our hobbies and our family. It was exactly the quiet time we needed to regroup and prepare to head into the final sprint towards the house-finish line. 

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