blgotober day 8 // Sunday snippets

blgotober day 8 // Sunday snippets

One of the hardest things I’m finding, about Blogtober in the 2020s, is how every post comes with the pressure to mean something. It has to be a post that can be shared to Pinterest, or Insta, or somewhere other than here. As a craft blogger, it “should” include a project or a tip or a tutorial, something that “adds value”. And yet, when I look back to Blogtober of a decade ago, it’s the quiet posts about everyday life I enjoy reflecting on the most. When I visit other bloggers this month, it’s the little moments of their real life I enjoy. I follow for the crafts, I stay for the everyday. It’s the little glimpses and conversations that build the community I love about blogging.

Sunday snippets used to be a widespread thing, and as instagram invited us to share snippets as they happened, and tightened its grip with stories to create even more real time immediacy, it died off. And yet, I continue to love snippet posts popping up in my Feedly. I don’t follow every blogger on every platform. Sometimes, their blog is the only place I follow them, and it’s lovely to get a quick whip around of what they are doing, crafty or otherwise.

The crafting here continues to be light on the ground, but also, getting closer. My craft room is maybe 50% unpacked. My dad helped me trim some pegboard to size and I’m excited to start hanging up all my bits and pieces. Otherwise, house prep consumes every waking moment – whether it be freaking out the cat by installing bathroom mirrors, or going to Bunnings (again) or cutting in the undercoat of the school room bookshelf, it’s all house, all the time around here this weekend.

Cutting in sucks. Unpacking sucks more. But the end is in sight, and in between all the life coming at me this week (so so much life), I am really hoping I can find a moment to test out my new craft space. There is a particular annoyance in finally having my own space again after 3.5 years, and not being able to use it!

How has your Sunday been?

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