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…blogtober 2018…

…blogtober 2018…


Almost every year, going all the way back to 2012 (2013 I missed due to having a four week old baby, 2016, I’m not really sure why I didn,t do it), I have done a daily posting challenge in October, that back in the heyday of blogging and linky parties, used to be known as Blogtoberfest. It’s a great way, I’ve found, to improve my posting rhythm and streamline my bloggy systems, to share behind the scenes I normally wouldn’t share, and inadvertently create a super fun record to look back on.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be, or could be, or want to be, a daily blogger. I always get to the end of October and have loved the journey and am equally pleased it’s over! But then the next October rolls around, and I am keen once again for the adventure that is Blogtober. To make life really fun this year, I am doing it on two blogs, and will also be blogging every day over on my lifestyle blog. I have a rough list of things I want to blog about, and will need to be a little bit organised for the times we spend out at the farm where we have no internet (and my laptop stubbornly refuses to hotspot to my iPhone X which drives me batty!), as well as my much anticipated annual pilgrimage to Yamba to hang out with my favourite girls. But equally there will be days I’m winging it like it’s 2012 and my blog posts are whatever project I have finished in the past 24 hours! I’m hoping it will inspire a whole lot of fun creative adventures along the way.

While there is no official Blogtoberfest this year (to the best of my knowledge), it’s such a fun chance to connect with new-found bloggers, so if you are doing Blogtober this year as well, feel free to drop a link to your blog in the comments below so we can encourage each other through the month.

31 days. 31 posts. Challenges, craft, DIY, writing, book reviews. Hopefully lots of fun along the way. Hello October, let’s do this crazy Blogtober thing.

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      Happy to be joining you for this festival of words and pretty. Your posts so far (reading back a week) are so colourful and happy!
      THIS is what I miss about blogging the joy of sharing for good!

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