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blogtober 2023 // day one

blogtober 2023 // day one

September, by all objective measures, was a rollercoaster of craziness, even in a month notorious for craziness. Not only did we have three of our four children celebrating birthdays, but we also had a houseguest, a visit to the big smoke for the orthodontist, the biggest teen getting his license, and the hustle to the finish line of house building. To say I crawled out the other side of the month completely spent, would not be an understatement.

October is shaping up to be busy as we settle into our new house and slowly start unpacking 3.75 years of cabin+container life, plus another birthday. Honestly, just the thought of pulling out the three million boxes of craft crap is enough to have me rocking in the corner. And yet…

Not me over here hyperventilating with the realisation Blogtober is a week away

Why are you considering Blogtober and not focusing on your move?

Because it’s October?

-me + Car trying to talk me off the ledge

Why indeed? While that convo may have involved a <small> amount of hyperbole, it wasn’t that far off. It felt like one thing too many, and still I found myself opening my blog calendar and starting sketch out ideas for the month ahead.

Blogtober has been such a big part of my blog for so long, I can’t quite bring myself to not do it. Last year, it was so fun, and I met so many wonderful new bloggers. The buzz around Blogtober that had been missing for quite a few years was back last year, and it’s the memory of that buzz that has me excited to revisit it again this year.

It’s also a great way to strengthen my blog-writing-muscles, playing with themes and ideas and sharing in different ways, exploring what blogging looks like for me as we approach the mid-2020s.

Thirty one days, thirty one posts. Let’s do this!

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