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blogtober day 11 // birthday season closed

blogtober day 11 // birthday season closed

And so, the voice inside my head that sounds suspiciously like Lady Whistledown, I do declare the 2023 season has come to a close.

Birthday season is always a whirlwind. 4 birthdays in 5 weeks, plus our wedding anniversary, fathers day, a long weekend, and every year (lately anyway), there seems to be something big happening in between all that. This year it was four big things – a house guest, a drama performance, wrapping up our house build/moving, and a pretty spectacular injury thanks to teen boys & motorbikes. Every year I tell myself next year will be slightly less bonkers, but it never seems to work out like that!

It was such a hustle of a season that I didn’t even manage to get photos of the first three cakes, and only grabbed the last cake at the last minute, right before putting the candles on. We had, in order, a garbage truck cake, a Thomas the Tank Engine cake, rocky road, and yesterday, with a bit of scrambling and a lot of creative licence, a Marvel themed cake.

This year was a fun one, gift wise, with both Mr17 & Miss13 getting presents that I think I was more excited about than they were. Mr17 has been eyeing off a camera for quite some time, but could never quite convince himself to buy. When it cropped up on sale on Prime Day, I couldn’t resist grabbing it for him. The look on his face when he opened it was priceless! As a long time DSLR shooter, I haven’t quite yet made the leap to mirrorless, but I have to admit, this new toy of his? It’s got me itching, I have to say! Small, light, cute, and takes great photos.

Miss13’s was even cooler – I managed to find an at-home silversmithing kit! I went to a ring making class approximately a million years ago (it was 2017 – in the 2020s timescale, it may as well be a million years), and really enjoyed it, but it required a lot of specialised equipment, and connections with a casting jeweller, both of which I lacked. When I came across this silver clay kit, I knew it was the perfect option for my creative, silver-jewellery-loving girl. She got both the ring kit and the pendant kit, to give her lots of options to play around and create some really fun pieces.

Of course, there was the usual lego overload, and books and lollies. We’re basically 90% cake & takeaway dinners at this point in the month. The recycling bin overfloweth, as do the toy boxes. All in all, another successful season, and we’re ready for some r&r before we do it all again in 11 months time. Maybe next year won’t be as busy?

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