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blogtober day 12 // three house projects in planning

blogtober day 12 // three house projects in planning

As life slowly returns to normal, I am at the point where I can reclaim bandwidth to start working on creative projects. It’s a matter of playing the system – yes I still have boxes to unpack, but it’s the good kind of procrastinating if I’m working on projects for the house, right?

PROJECT ONE // wall art for our bedroom

I have two prints finished and waiting to get to the framer, but before I can do that, I need something for the wall opposite our doorway. I have had papers waiting to match with our paint colours, and the doodles for this cute seed packet I made have been sitting in my sketch book for weeks. The idea for what I want to make has been patiently waiting, and I’m so excited to get stuck in and get it made now I have space to work.

PROJECT TWO // recover the ottoman

When we first moved into the cabin, we bought two of these little ottomans from Fantastic Furniture for the steep steep price of $19 a piece. One completely died and made its way to the big living room in the sky, but the other lives on. While structurally sound, it’s cosmetically trashed. Even though it’s only $19, and after almost four years we’ve certainly gotten our money’s worth out of it, I don’t want to get rid of a perfectly functional item. On the other hand, I can’t leave it for use in the cabin when we convert it to a guest house – it’s far from suitable for public consumption! It’s in the house at the minute, and oh so handy, and so I figured, let’s have a crack at upholstery.

My cart is loaded up with these four fabric options, and I’m hoping to make a final decision, and order, by the weekend. Any and all opinions welcome – drop me a comment and let me know in the comments which one I should choose!

PROJECT THREE // bedside table update

Way back when we first got married and bought our house, we found ourselves in a spot of bother – we only had a single bedside table, a remnant of my husbands bachelor flat. Enter stage left, my dad, nifty with a table saw and handy with a stain brush. He made us a pair of bedsides (and matching tallboy), that are still in fabulous condition, and while not Pinterest perfect with a trendy MCM style, they are super cute and practical, and fit our eclectic lived in farmhouse vibe. There is just one problem: the stained timber is just a bit too much with the timber tile floors, and the timber windows. There’s an easy fix to that – paint! After collecting colour cards in almost every hue of dark grey on the Bunnings wall, I settled on Western Myall. It has a similar colour profile to the exterior walls just outside our bedroom doors, so should work well in the mix. (And yes, that light switch for the pendant is being painted as well!)

While coming in at number three on my list, the bedsides are actually the top of my list to get stuck into this weekend. The other two are just prettifying the space, but the bedsides need to get done so we can start using them. The upside is the drying time between coats should give me plenty of chances to get stuck into projects one and two…and maybe a box or two. If I’m not too busy.

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