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blogtober day 15 // Sunday snippets

blogtober day 15 // Sunday snippets

At the beginning of *waves hands* all the everything, there was a lot of talk about The New Normal. it was really early on that we realised our 2019 selves were irrevocably changed, and whatever was to come, it would mark us forever.

Other events in life create smaller, more personal, resets and recalibrations. Moving is one such event, and around here, our New Normal is slowly coming together. There’s still lots to be done – the good thing about moving across the paddock is things can be brought over in dribs and drabs. The bad thing about moving across the paddock is things are brought over in dribs and drabs, and it can be very easy to push off the next load until “tomorrow”.

But we are getting there. Our new rhythms are coming together and we are settling in nicely, even with so much still to sort and unpack and so very much to declutter.

Around here, I’ve been

Reading// Numbercrunch, an interesting book on the maths behind everyday occurrences and modelling, from the spread of covid to the cracking of the Enigma in WW2.

Watching// the tail end of a Castle rewatch, and lamenting the end of RFDS now that Car & I have nothing to watch together

Listening to// The First Astronomers – this months bookclub audio book has been keeping me company as I paint today, and it’s really fascinating.

Planning// our final school block of the year! I can’t believe how fast this year has flown and I’m looking forward to finishing strong.

Working on// my mandala blanket, too long ignored but just the right size for summer crafting and keeping hands busy.

How’s your week been?

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