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blogtober day 2 // new house who dis?

blogtober day 2 // new house who dis?

In January 2020, we bubbled with excitement at the adventure ahead of us. A little cabin, generously described as rustic, was to be our home for the next twelve months as we built our new house. Tiny house life was going to be a blast – and it was. We were still very much in the novelty phase, when everything changed and the world stopped. Like everyone else in the world, the onset of the plague didn’t merely throw a spanner in the works of our plans, but a whole darn Stanley factory work of spanners.

Three years, nine months, and one week after that move for “just twelve months”, we were able to spend the long weekend moving into our new home.

Friends, I cried.

The weekend has been a whirlwind, from the moment we got the official ok to crack the bubbly and start the move. Friday night, Bear & I drove halfway to Brisbane, then one the road again early to be at IKEA for opening. Three runs through, and a trip to the warehouse later, we were fully loaded with the last bits of furniture and storage and organisation we needed to make our new home functional. While we did that, Mr Barefoot and the three littles started on the beds and other furniture.

The rest of our long weekend has been filled with flat pack assembly and bringing our daily belongings over from the cabin and starting to pull stored treasures from the container. After 3.75 years, the front ten foot or so of the container is a hot mess of projects started, finished, abandoned, thought about or planned, and so my craft nook is a priority for the week ahead. Once I have my main space built out, I can start bringing boxes (and boxes and boxes) of stuff over and getting organised.

Then, then is when the real fun begins. This is the week I will begin the first project in the new house. If I’m really productive, it might even be the week I FINISH the first project in the new house. To say I am excited is an understatement. Here’s cheers to new houses, new craft rooms, new projects. I can’t wait to get stuck in.

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