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blogtober day 22 // Sunday snippets

blogtober day 22 // Sunday snippets

Watching the sun warm the valley below us, we slowly sipped our coffees. The house was quiet – all four children slumbering behind doors I’d gently closed as the mister had boiled the kettle and prepped the coffee. The only non-peaceful resident, the cat, stretched out in front of us and rolled onto her back in what I guess she was hoping was a winsome way, angling for breakfast. We softly chatted, making plans for the day, working out our priority lists for the day.

“It’s nice to have an almost normal weekend, isn’t it?” I said.

And it really was. The almost covered all manner of jobs still needing doing. Bookcases to move, and books to unpack. The front deck remains home to our old outdoor setting, brought over temporarily until we could get the new one out of storage and set up, along with the shed vacuum and a pile of tools and a builders chair and one of our esky’s that I’m not entirely sure how it actually ended up here. There’s paving to be done and rugs to pick and still a million jobs to be DONE done. But even with all that, it felt more like a regular weekend, one where jobs are done based on what we feel like doing, at a pace that is more like pottering, than racing to a deadline.

Which is to say; we have landed, we have settled, and it is fabulous.

Around here this week:

Flower picking (me) and sourdough starter starting (Mr17) is back on the agenda, with a side serve of delightful candle burning

Craft room unpacking continues apace and I’m alllllmost done. I think. Only five or ten more loads to bring in.

Multiple Bunnings runs, despite me messaging Thursday saying “what do you need from Bunnings I’m going and don’t want to come back”. Upside is having my little offsider chatting away as we shopped.

Lots of thoughts on “wasting” supplies by using them, versus wasting supplies by not using them.

Crochet (quite a bit), and frogging (almost as much), on my new blanket.

Sunday morning reading, with a cameo appearance by my girl also reading. What a brilliant way to start the day!

Things I’ve been enjoying:

Reading // not enough. It’s been a bonkers week, chock full of real life an appointments and phone calls, and I haven’t had the bandwidth, to be honest.

Watching // While The Men Are Away on SBS. I’ve only seen the first episode, but historical drama+biting social commentary = I’m hooked

Listening to // my camp covid play list. Fourth year running camp hasn’t happened and in amongst everything else going on, seeing the memories pop up on the ‘gram have given me quite the sad.

Planning // my projects for a couple of classes I’m booked into next weekend that my mum is shouting me – more on that to come!

Working on // making my craft space as functional as it can be. I’m so excited to start working in there!

How’s your week been?

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