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blogtober day 24 // unsupervised in the big smoke

blogtober day 24 // unsupervised in the big smoke

This month feels like I’ve done nothing but drive half way across the country and back. There was the bolt to IKEA at the beginning of the month so I could fit out my craft room. There’s been no less than five trips to our regular “big smoke” (which is really just a large regional town that boasts the Kmart and spotlight we lack). This week, we’ve rounded it out with a quick run to the actual big smoke – or close enough anyway.

After doing what we had to do, the child in tow and I hit the shops. I treated him to a couple of modelling kits he’s been wanting. We found a Kmart and I collected the last few bits and pieces I wanted for my craft room. Then, in a freak twist of fate, I found myself falling into an Eckersleys.

In my defence, I haven’t been in one in over 12 months, so really I was most excellently behaved. If I may be so bold as to further my defence, the journals are for Boy2, the Lino knives are for Butterfly’s school, and the screen cleaner is something I’ve been needing for probably 18 months but could never justify the postage on one bottle.

Which leaves just the paints to explain. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you should take into consideration, when coming to a verdict, that I have bought exactly 2 (two) bottles of paint since the beginning of the pandemic which I feel is a rather spectacular effort. Also let it be noted that two (2) of the tubes were on sale and thus don’t technically count as a purchase.

So really, I was a model of decorum, and should be cleared of all charges of unnecessary purchases. I rest my case.

(If anyone needs me I’ll be in the craft room testing out my new paints on my gel plate)

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