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blogtober day 25 // workspace Wednesday

blogtober day 25 // workspace Wednesday

After a restless night, I gave up on sleep at 5am, and by 5.15 we were packed, room key dropped in the return box, and on the road for home. 5.20am saw me in the Zaraffas drive-thru, blearily ordering a hot chocolate for the teen, and a latte for me. “Would you like a double shot in that?” Heck to the yes. They clearly know their pre-dawn clientele well.

Between road works and slow trucks and stock on the road in the final stretch, it was 11.30 before I rolled into mum & dad’s to collect the small folk. A chat and a round up of their belongings, and I was back home by 12.30.

With a full afternoon of mumming ahead of me, I knew giving into the tiredness was not an option – if I stopped to sit with a cup of tea, I would struggle to get going again. And so, into the craft room I went, and found myself a nice easy job – getting these labels onto boxes!

It is so satisfying to see my room coming together almost exactly as I imagined. I’m hoping by the end of the weekend, it will all be moved in, culled and sorted, ready for a craft room tour post hopefully next week.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the container dragging over yet more stuff.

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