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…blogtober day 26 :: wordless Wednesday…

…blogtober day 26 :: wordless Wednesday…

It felt hard today, to work out what to share. Funnily enough, it’s been a rather crafty twenty-four hours, and yet none of it felt “enough”. Sure I got more done on my shawl, but I’ve shared it before. I got half way up the face of my gnome, but it’s not really exciting progress worthy of a post. I wrote 270 words, but it’s just a warm-up exercise, not for public sharing. I knitted a prop for my daughter’s friend. I did school with the kids. I worked on my animation. I blogged for MOCS. I mopped the floors and went to soup kitchen and came back to find my clean floors muddy again.

It’s funny. Once upon a time I blogged almost daily for a significant length of time. Any of the above would work just fine as the base for a whole post, back before there was instagram to share progress photos and stories to share behind the scenes. Back before it felt like each post had to Mean Something. Back when Wordless Wednesday was truly wordless, and a post with just a photo made sense.

So here’s a not-so-wordless-Wednesday. A Wednesday Wrap. A What When And Where Wednesday. I hope you’ve had a fabulous one, whatever it’s looked like for you.

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