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blogtober day 29 // Sunday snippets

blogtober day 29 // Sunday snippets

I’ll craft more in the house, I would tell myself, when I have space and my supplies and it will be easier. And yet, here we are, four weeks in, and I have done very little. This week especially, has been more time in the car than in the craft room – a trip to Newcastle & back, and then up to Queensland this weekend for the Granite Belt Art & Craft Trail.

Around here this week:

After fourteen years, our drama days are coming to a close, and the three boys had their final performance this week. It was pure joy to watch these no-longer-small boys take to the stage, and absolutely knocked it out of the park with a Stoppard play as their swan song. As we cheered and applauded, I had more than a little moment as I realised…this is it. It’s done. As my biggest boy grows far too fast, the “lasts” seem to be coming faster than the “firsts” ever did.

One of the classes I did in Stanthorpe was charcoal drawing, and it was such fun. Messy art is the best kind of art.

An early start to get on the road to home meant a 5.20am Zaraffas stop. “Would you like a double shot in that latte?” Um, yes, yes absolutely. Clearly they know their pre-dawn clientele well.

While we couldn’t get onto the sand in Newcastle (Mr15 was on crutches and the descent would have been too much hard work), we did enjoy a juice looking over the ocean, and even saw whales breaching.

Breakfast on the road yesterday complete with the most amazing bacon & egg burger for brekkie. If you ever find yourself up and down the New England Highway, make sure you make a pit stop at Bad Manners in Tenterfield.

And lastly – one simply can not cross the border without a photo of said border crossing and texting it to the group chat.

Things I’ve been enjoying:

reading// a new to me substack – Everything Is Amazing. A little bit science, a little bit history, a lot of cool facts. It’s tickling my nerd brain in just the right way!

watching// the radar, and the fire app. It’s a bonkers start to the season. I hope you are all staying safe, and may the rains come soon. It feels like we’ve barely caught our breath from last time.

listening// to my littlest boy making up all kinds of stories as he plays trains in the next room. Hooray for trains, hooray for play rooms!

planning// a big day tomorrow to finish setting up my craft space and destash a stack of things. I have piles everywhere – stuff to sell, stuff to donate to the women’s shed and to the preschool and one box has already gone out ready for a friend to use for a Christmas crafting event at her church. The end is in sight and I’m getting more and more ruthless by the day.

working on// building a rhythm that works in our new house. When we have been away so much, it’s been hard to get a routine happening properly, but here’s hoping we’ll get a solid week at home this week!

How’s your week been?

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