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…blogtober day 6 :: three things on Thursday…

…blogtober day 6 :: three things on Thursday…

It’s been a busy couple of days, running around on errands I can only do in the city, and catching up with friends. The children are loving their classes and their new friends, though Mr14 is rather miffed I won’t bring him down for weekly classes during the term! The two big boys even were allowed to head off campus with their group today and buy some lunch. It’s orders of magnitude scarier for me to let them explore in the city – Westfield is much larger than our little country main street. Thank goodness for stalker app!

I came home from my coffee date at lunch time, with big intentions of a productive afternoon, powering through editing a podcast episode (season three launches tomorrow!!), and then blogging, but the pod took more time than I expected. Before I knew it, it was time for pick up, and then we decided to make the most of city life – late night shopping was calling! Two bookshops and a game shop later, we grabbed some takeaway from the food hall, and headed back to the hotel.

I always forget home much work is in season launch. Setting up the show notes pages, the season page, updating the main page. Tweaking the descriptions to autofeed to the podcast platforms, making sure all our links are sorted. And that, friends, is how I found myself at 10pm, on day 6 of Blogtober, finally sitting down to write today’s post.

Three Things inspiring me this wet city day:

TEXTILE ART EXHIBITION: In the box office lobby of The Concourse, where my children’s workshops are being held, there is a public art space. I’ve been watching them set up the latest exhibition – Embellished, by Robyn Kennedy – the last couple of days, and last night was the official opening. I’m hoping to get in after drop off tomorrow, because the pieces I’ve seen through the window are stunning.

NEW HOUSE DREAMING: So much beautiful furniture on display yesterday, has me excited for the decorating stage of our new house. I need to sit down and make a list to run past the board.

PRETTY YARN: I resisted bringing home some gorgeous splurge yarns from Skein Sisters yesterday, but they are still very much playing on my mind. I turn 40 later in the year and I’m considering gifting myself this stunning Madeline Tosh yarn to knit myself a special 40th shawl. The Lichen and Lace sock yarn (in garland and pressed flower) continues to call me also!

We are under 36 hours from hitting the road north once more. We’ve had a wonderful, enjoyable, entertaining few days, but these country mice are ready to scurry out of the big noisy city, and find some gum trees and paddocks made for running. And mama mouse? She’s ready for some quiet, and to be back amongst her stash ready to make all the things. A change might be as good as a holiday, but my ruby slippers are calling. There’s no place like home.

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