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blogtober day 9 // starting from scratch

blogtober day 9 // starting from scratch

The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things…like setting up my craft nook. Of course, there are many things to get done before that can happen. Actually moving into the house is one of those things. That’s the (semi) boring stuff though. Setting up beds, making beds, getting the fridge hooked up, all rather important things, for sure, but not nearly as exciting as getting my little corner all set up and working the way I’d like it to.

Of course, after so long of dreaming and planning and waiting and planning some more, now the time has actually come to do it, I’ve hit overthinking mode. It’s ridiculous really – the plan is to use a very similar system to what I have in the shipping container at the minutes, except prettier. Timber shelves, not heavy duty workshop shelves from Bunnings. Neat, matching boxes, not whatever paper boxes the husband can bring home from work, or that the kids science kits come in. But now the time has come to actually buy them, and set them up, I’m frozen. 

I think it’s the pressure of reality. In the dreaming, I can zoom out, in a manner of speaking, and just work with the vibe of what I’m wanting. Actually implementing it, means deciding on boxes and sizes and placement of shelves and do I want drawers or do I want baskets and what’s the best size and what height do I want my work surface.

In theory, starting from scratch should make life easier. I can do exactly what I want, how I want it. The truth is though, I freeze, for the same reason I have boxes of untouched notebooks and patterned paper and fabric. It’s the “what if” that gets me. What if I get the wrong boxes? What if the drawers should have been shelves? What if I use that paper for something, and then want it for something better, later? What if the story I start in that notebook, is trash and I abandon it after 2 pages and the notebook is wasted?

Over the last couple of years, as my creative process has shifted quite dramatically, this is something I’ve been working to change. There is no such thing as wasted, if I enjoy the process. Every project is just as worthy as another. Craft supplies, for all intents and purposes, are not a finite resource, and I can replace whatever I use. Heck, my stash is bordering on being described as a “not finite resource”!

When it comes to my shelves, the only real constraint is when I can next get to an IKEA if I need extra boxes. The shelves themselves are fully flexible, and there is not a single thing in this world stopping me from changing things up if I want to.

Perfectionism, I need to remind myself, is the enemy of progress. And so, I started placing shelves and filling boxes. I’ve changed multiple containers multiple times as I decide something else would be better in that spot, and the original thing fits better elsewhere. I have a long way to go, but it’s slowly filling out, and I even managed to run up a craft project in that space today.

Is it perfect? Nowhere close. Is is progress? Absolutely.

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      Progress is good! I’ve had a variety of containers over the years, from baskets to boxes and now plastic drawers (from K-Mart) with a clear front and stackable. The clear front means I can see exactly which colour fabric is inside and it’s all very accessible. Very pleased with the result. Enjoy creating your space – and pics please!

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        Kmart is next on my list!! I can’t get to IKEA again for a few months so hoping to mix some Kmart in amongst it. Pics will be coming super soon, as soon as I can get it tidy and blog worthy!

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