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…blogtober day 9 :: Sunday Stash…

…blogtober day 9 :: Sunday Stash…

How can I hit the big smoke, and NOT stock up on all the things? I’ve had a productive week, adding a heap of goodies to my collection.

  1. Posca pen from Eckersleys – I’ve been meaning to try these for ages, so I picked one up so I can try it without paying postage
  2. Calligraphy paper & sumi ink from Daiso – the minister herself got me hooked on this paper a couple of quilt camps ago (maybe the very last camp of The Before?) and this has been the first time I’ve been near a Daiso to pick some up. I was also instructed while I was there I needed the ink, so…I bought the ink!
  3. blocking wires and stitch markers – I only have ring style markers, or cheap BigW plastic clip markers, so I picked up a set of nice metal ones, and some wires for blocking my shawl
  4. fabric – as much as I love online shopping, there’s nothing quite like touching and feeling the fabric. I fell over some designer remnant swim fabric that will be perfect for Miss12’s summer swimmers, and some lovely teal spandex for myself to make a 3/4 pair of leggings for summer. I rounded it out with some “chill white” firm spandex for making some practical everyday delicates for the ladies of the house.

Of course, a week in the life of this compulsive crafter isn’t complete with a package or two! Mr Barefoot picked up some felt that arrived, just in time for some Sunday sewing. I’ve turned it into a cute kindle cover for the birthday girl – look for a post on that today or tomorrow.

And to wrap up the week, I also have some scrapbooking papers and a stencil pack waiting for me at the post office, ready to pick up so I can get back into project life!

All in all, not too shabby on the stash building this week! What fun stuff have you picked up in your travels lately?

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      I love the delicate way you describe what I assume to be under ware. Yay for new supplies, I really want to get back to doing my project life and scrapbooking. Will we be seeing some of yours? Mx

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        Hahaha yes trying to be subtle about the knicker sewing 🤣 I will definitely share, like you I’ve been wanting to get back into it for ages. I finally decided I can wish and want all day, but funnily enough I actually have to DO it to get it done!! Hope to see some of yours soon!

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      I finally found where to comment – only on my laptop as my mobile doesn’t give me that option!
      I love reading your blog and insta posts as it almost sounds like I’m talking and I can relate to it all! I need to get myself some of that calligraphy paper next time I’m up in the big smoke. I do get up there quite regularly and actually walked past a Daiso the other day. I refrained from venturing in, only because I didn’t have much time and I knew I’d get lost in there. 😀

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        Hmmm, that’s so strange!! I just checked on my phone and it seems to be there, under the existing comments. Stupid technology making life tricky!! I appreciate you taking the time to check on the laptop!

        Thank you for your kind words 🥰 you’ve made my day! Daiso was fabulous, I also picked up an A5 document box to store all my gelli prints in, and best part is, everything is $3.10 🤣

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