Blogtoberfest :: it’s a wrap

Wow. What a month. I thought, naively, Blogtoberfest would be a walk in the park. I mean, I blogged nearly every day anyway, so why the stress? But the month is now at an end, and truthfully? I’m glad. The last week has been tough. But I made it! The final post yesterday made a total of 33 posts in 31 days. *phew* no wonder I’m knackered!

So after such a large month in October, I’m treating myself to a little break. I’m taking this next week off (though I will be around for Bloggers Boogie on Saturday, of course!) from blogging completely. After that, my goal is two posts during the week, plus the Boogie and Sunday Snippets, because that’s always fun, until we get through the madness of the silly season! It’s been fun playing at being a blogger who crafts this month, now it’s time to turn back into my old self – a crafter who blogs.

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