Blogtoberfest wrap-up


Aaaaaand we’re done! Wow. 31 days, 31 posts. At times I’ve felt like I’ve had nothing to blog, and yet, right now, I’m thinking, but wait! I haven’t talked about this! Or this! Or, or, or….

But it’s done, and as I always am at the end of Blogtoberfest, I am glad to mark off the 31st and call the month done! It’s also proven to me, once again, that daily posting just isn’t my thing. I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about what my plans are going forward. For a start, I’m going to put the WIP Wednesday on hiatus – Wednesday isn’t really working for me as a posting day. Probably Tuesday and Friday will be my main content days. Sunday will be the weekly wrap-up as always. I have a few thoughts and plans about my content and how that will work in the new year, and Blogtoberfest, and the following November slow-down, is always good for refocusing my bloggy priorities.

The main takeaways – I enjoy blogging. I enjoy the community and the interaction and the format. I do NOT enjoy the pressure of having to blog As I often say at the end of these things, it is always clear that I am a crafter who loves to blog, not a blogger who happens to craft.

So thank you, to those who hung around for Blogtoberfest, for those who arrived during the Aviatrix & Dillybag sewalongs and stayed around, and of course, to those who have been here for a while. I enjoy each and every one of your comments & appreciate the time you take to have a poke around on my blog. Now. Time to close the door on Blogtober 2014, celebrate, and get creating. Have a fabulous weekend!

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