Blogtoberfest2013 :: the wrap up

At the beginning of October, I took the plunge, and decide to do a modified version of Blogtoberfest – my goal was around four posts a week, or around 17 posts for the month. With a brand new baby (who now, at the end of the month, is just 8.5 weeks old), even this commitment felt overwhelming at times. With four children, three of whom are under school age, to say my craft time is limited is an understatement. Instead, I chose to extend my creativity elsewhere. Butterfly and I try to bake together at least once a week, so it was a good chance to focus on my Twenty Treats project. Project Life makes for an easy crafty outlet and crafty post. Instagram weekly wraps are a staple of my blog anyway. And so, at the end of the month, I did it. 18 posts down. And even a couple in the limbo called the drafts folder.

I’m glad I did it, in the end. But I’m also glad it’s finished. I’m not sure what this blog will look like the next couple of months, but my plan is, for now, to post at least twice a week. It’s always an adjustment adding an extra small person, and that extends to my blog. Mama first, crafter second, blogger third. Bear with me while I get a new rhythm?

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