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…bowl me over…

…bowl me over…

You could be forgiven for thinking both my blog and my insta have given up being a general craft blog, and instead I’m all about garment sewing all the time. To be fair, it’s semi-accurate. I am still 300% obsessed with garment sewing. I even have it in my insta bio as “current obsession”! But if you’ve been around here for any length of time, you will know I have these phases. You’ll know if you can ride out the clothes sewing, I’ll swing round soon enough to art journaling. Or crochet. Or quilting. or whatever random thing I was in to at some point that brought you here.

And in between the current obsession, I do try and work at keeping a bit of a balance. Moreso as I get older. I know I will get bored (generally sooner rather than later), so I try and keep a couple of other things bubbling along in the background. One of those at the minute is a new found love of hand built pottery If I had the space and could work out the logistics of drying/storing/firing, I’m pretty sure I could fall into in a big way.


My first class was a Christmas present, and so I asked* for a bowls class for Mothers Day. I love a cooked breakfast of a morning – my favourite is leftover roast potatoes fried up, and mixed with bacon and scrambled eggs, best served in a bowl. and what better way to brighten up my morning routine, than to serve my favourite breakfast in a handmade bowl?

*by asked, I mean I booked myself in and announced to the family that they had bought me a class.

I had a lovely morning at my class making a set of 6 dinner-sized bowls plus a small serving bowl, perfect for adding condiments or small sides to. I say dinner bowls, but to date I have been too precious about my beautiful bowls to actually let my family eat out of them! I went with a green glass on the outside and a grey on the inside. The grey turned out a little lighter than expected, in the semi-unpredictable way of glazes, but I think they should still coordinate nicely with my platter from the first class. Next on my list is to take a plates class to keep building my collection, though a mugs class would probably be a good option, and get more use at this point in our tiny house life.

we are still on school break this week, so I’m planning lots of crafty adventures, depending on how much living room space the children decide to leave me. First on the agenda is hopefully a pair of undies to match my latest pair of Avery leggings, just in case of an unexpected see through issues.There’s a new pilates class starting up today that I’m planning on getting to. I want to keep sewing my way through my lingerie kit. I have a mini book to finish assembling, and another I want to start scrapbooking in. I’m slowly making progress on my stitching so if the wind picks up again, there’s a high chance I might sneak in an episode of Doctor Doctor and stitch for a bit. The children are bouncing around between playing inside and games outside, leaving me with a reasonable amount of spare time to hook into all those over optimistic plans, and possibly even a bit of work. We’ll see how I go – chances are also high I’ll fall into a doomscrolling spiral and do nothing. I’m trying to resist that though, so I’m all about the lists and accountability today. I’ve even deleted my Facebook app. Coffee on board, to-do list written, let’s do this!

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