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With a birthday coming up for a special someone who no longer lives near me, I have had half a mind on gift ideas, something cute and fun and a bit different. I was browsing Pinterest (surprised? No, I wasn’t either) a week or two back, when I came across this most fabulous idea and straight away pinned it to my gifts board. I managed to sneak out one night to the supermarket to wander around with this parcel in mind, gathering the little treats I wanted to include. Then all that was needed was a quick trip to the shops the next day, Beetle and Butterfly in tow, where we found a pretty pink box to bundle it all into. I ended up forgetting a few things I wanted to pull out of our party cupboard at home, but I was still happy with what I ended up with.


This Box Of Birthday Love included – Strawberries & Cream cake mix, plus chocolate fudge writing gels, rainbow pearls and pink sprinkle sugar to decorate it with, a mini pack of TimTams for morning tea, caramel Lindt balls, balloon, party poppers, a happy birthday banner, and a super cute “birthday girl” candle. Some soft pink tissue paper lining to pretty it up a bit, and then all that was left was the card.

For the card, I used this as my inspiration, again, found via Pinterest – I thought it was super cute, and whilst my attempt is nowhere near as fabulous as the original, I liked how it came up.


I just used a sheet of A5 watercolour paper, and folded it in half. And I’m not one to let the chance to squeeze in some more creativeness go to waste, and so I broke out my new pointed-pen calligraphy supplies (oh I am so in love with these, more to come!), and inscribed the inside.



With some secret squirrel postage via her fiance’s work, the parcel arrived in plenty of time, and was delivered early on the birthday morning, and seemed to be quite the hit!


Today’s big project is spending time with my girl in the studio and making some progress on this bag. It’s coming together nicely, I’m loving it! As fiddly as it is, I think it will pay off in the end (interested in checking out my progress? I’m instagramming it with the hashtag #balletbagofawesome). Some snuggles and stories and maybe a bit of crochet to finish off a “quick and easy” project that has been hanging around for a week or so now. Counting down the hours until the weekend and having my loves all at home with me. Happy Thursday everyone!


This is project number nine and ten (of twelve required to date) in my “totally pinspired” challenge to turn my pins into projects. We are aiming to complete a minimum of two pins a month. For all my Totally Pinspired projects, click here. You can find my Pinterest boards here, and my completed pins board here. If you’ve been totally pinspired as well, I’d love to see what you’ve been making!

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