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…camp covid wrap up…

…camp covid wrap up…

The Monday after the weekend before…traditionally today I would be absolutely shattered, and dragging my sorry self through the bare minimum adulting required. When you are long distance friends who only see each other once a year, sleep is at the very bottom of the list of things to do on a weekend away. It’s rather strange to be coming out the flip side of camp and actually feeling like a functional human person. Apparently the secret is a healthy amount of sleep, and no alcohol. What a novel concept for a camp weekend.

Despite being at home and thus having to continue to keep the house running and the children parented, I managed to get a surprising amount done. Not everything on my list, because since when have I ever made a realistic camp project list? Never, that’s when. I like plenty of options to keep me occupied – I mean, what if I take just one project, and get bored with it? I did lose two mornings of my allocated weekend – Friday morning is house cleaning day, so we spent a couple of hours giving the place a li’l spit and polish, before I could settle in properly to craft away the afternoon. Then Saturday morning was double shot time for the two big boys, taking up another couple of hours. I did manage to claw back a bit of time though, when they were unwell, as expected, on Sunday morning, and I stayed home with them from church.

At 7pm last night, I closed the last page of my book, and called camp done. At that point, the state of play of my to-do list was:

*the border of my waffle blanket – round one completed, and the first side of round two done.
*finish at least one block of my Oz cross stitch – top block DONE!
*finally sew those chambray shorts – didn’t touch them, sadly.
*a bamboo tank tank top using this free pattern as a test run for… – DONE!
*swimmers – tankini + rashie – pattern for the top printed and altered based on the fit of the above.
*start cutting my party dress – didn’t start, but managed to print the pattern this morning…or at least as much of it as I could before I ran out of paper!
*write – didn’t touch this one
*play with my gelli plate and art journal – nope, not this either
*Sunday online church and bible journaling – or this
*REMIX: Car is going to scroll through my past camp posts and assign me a remix project – I’m going to blame Car for this one! Life got in the way for her, so no project was assigned.

As for the extras, I was much more successful, as most of those could run concurrently with the crafting!

*finish reading The Rose Code – DONE!
*binge season 9 of Wentworth – Up to date and ready for the finale tomorrow night (and it can not come soon enough! I don’t do well with waiting!)
*finish season 1 of The Newsreader – DONE! Very much enjoyed it, and it has some great Aussie talent, definitely worth checking out.
*start season 1 of Fires – Up to date including last night’s episode ready for the finale next Sunday night
*continue Blogtober posts – only just scraped this one in! Last night’s post was typed on my phone, as I watched Fires in bed!
*record our new podcast episode – it was so lovely to kick off camp by zooming with Car to record our next podcast. Not the same but better than nothing.

Of course, being camp, there was lots of coffee, and plenty of sugary snacks. I generally kicked off afternoon bevvies around 3.30 – I was only on the softies this weekend so didn’t need to wait until a socially acceptable hour to crack out the mineral water and chippies! There were a couple of late nights, and what passes for a sleep-in in parent land. The group chat flew along all weekend with photos and messages and everyone trying to make the most of a less than ideal situation. Would I have rather be in Yamba? You bet! Am I glad I made camp-at-home work regardless? Definitely. Bring on October 2022, the world returning to normal, and the chance to hit the beach with my crafty girls once again.

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