Can I give up yet?

How far does one have to be into a book before deciding to give up? My current reading selection is quite hard going, and I’m not sure if I can be bothered finishing. Nothing against the book itself, it just has a very different writing style to what I’m used to, and since I mainly read when in bed, I don’t know if I have the brain-power to push through.


What’s the consenus? 100 pages? When you feel like it? Keep going?


Our Monday is going to be nice & quiet, thanks to a snotty little boy. Hopefully they will both nap at the same time, and this blog can get back to the regularly scheduled program of crafty stuff. We’ll see. I’ve already spilt my first coffee of the morning, so I may go make another & hang with the toddler while the baby sleeps. Just taking it easy today, no pressure, no sweat. Just the way a good Monday should be. Let’s do this!

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      I usually give up about 70-100 pages in if I can’t get into a book, so I would definitely think that 100 pages and you have given it a good go.

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