changing it up.

It’s been a super productive weekend – I have two quilts with binding attached, I got a heap of work out the door, had a blast teaching the preschool class at Sunday School, I got a bracelet made, I hung out with the family. De-LIGHT-full. Today was going to be all about catching up on housework and some admin stuff, until I remembered I’d promised my Bible Study group I’d do up a pretty version of a summary we scribbled on butchers paper last week. We are currently studying Ephesians, and after getting ourselves confused, we though a summary was in order of chapters one to three.

I’m still not 100% convinced it’s finished, but it will do for now. I don’t want to get it too set, as I’m hoping to add more to it as we progress through the rest of Ephesians. (printable a4 PDF here.)

And now that’s done, and the baby is graciously still asleep for me, I think I might call it lunch time then possibly some time basking in the sun. My main itch at the minute is painting, the one beast I haven’t soothed over the weekend, so I might even crack a tube while she snores and get started on a piece for Car. I also hope to get a chance to do some photos for the blog, and maybe even catch up on my project366. Who am I kidding, she’ll wake as soon as I take my first bite But that’s ok, we’ll just shift gears and replan, for tea parties and blocks and stories and swings. Might even try and squeeze a bike ride in before pick up. Tick tock tick tock time is running, it’s Monday, it’s busy, and there’s a to-do list who’s butt needs kicking. Let’s do this!

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