chipping at the WIPs.

Oops. I kind of missed a day there, didn’t I? But I figured I was a couple of posts up anyway, so I let it slide. Because at the minute, I don’t really have much to show. I finished the red section of my ripple blanket, and started the next lot of pink, but I showed it a few times while on holidays, and the progress isn’t really THAT interesting, especially now I am about to start on the most controversial colour band. I’ve blogged heaps of writing lately, and I wanted to maintain some semblance of balance. This is, after all, a craft blog first and foremost. I’ve been slowly plodding through hats, thought they got set aside to make room for the mess in the photo above that should at some point being resembling a dolls quilt. Which then had to give way to “work” (boo! But at least I enjoy my job. Except when I want to be sewing instead!). And that’s not mentioning the skirt I haven’t gotten any further with, the quilt camp gifties demanding attention, oh, and yes, that’s right, the clarinet I’ve just hired. But still. Creative busy is fun busy. What a problem to have, too many projects and not enough time. I am truly blessed, surrounded by children I adore, friends who make me laugh, projects to keep me sane. Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up, and I think that’s why I needed a break yesterday. The pressure to create and shoot and write and publish. I just needed a little step back. But I’m still on track for thirty-one posts in thirty-one days for Blogtoberfest, and I do think that is doable while still remaining true to the core of what I want my blog to be.

Today, in that spirit of embracing the good and casting off the unnecessary, I’ve spent the morning in wonderful discussion and fellowship with my lovely mum’s Bible study group, running errands to remove two massive bags of unwanted clothes and donate them to charity, and now just taking some time, over lunch, to sit and blog and read while baby girl sleeps. We will need to head out in another half hour or so, but in the mean time, I’m going to spend some quality time with my sewing machine. Skirt or dolls quilt, that is the question…


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