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This year is going to be a big one for our family. There are a lot of changes coming – this is the year we will sell our house, that has been our home since we married 14 years ago. This is the year we will (hopefully) have a beautiful new farm house to move into. For the first time since 2009, this is the year we will have nobody at preschool, which means all four children are home full time for me to educate. When I think of all the things I need to nudge into place to get us through to the end of December, it feels rather overwhelming at times. I kicked around a lot of words as I went to pick my One Little Word, and finally, three days into the year, it came to me.
onelittleword2019 CHOOSE. Every step of every project that needs to happen, I need to make choices. I need to choose a final layout for our house plans. I need to choose to invest my time into getting our current house market ready. I need to choose what to remove from our house, what to donate, what to sell, what to put into storage. I need to choose projects that will keep me sane but will fit around wherever we end up living, should our current house sell before the new one is ready to move into. I need to choose to not let the frustrations that come with building overwhelm me.

Everything I do, I have a choice. Sometimes the options on offer mightn’t be ideal, but I do still have a choice. And in all things, I have a choice in how I respond to those less than ideal options. I have a choice in how my mood is affected by weather delays or not finding the perfect tile.

This year, I will CHOOSE to make the most of what I have at any given time. I will CHOOSE my projects based on what I enjoy. I will CHOOSE to spend my time wisely. Come at me, 2019, I CHOOSE to make you amazing.

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