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commonplace book :: how I plan my creative life

commonplace book :: how I plan my creative life

Some projects pop up in my mind, and all the planets align for me to dive straight in; I have the mojo, the time, the supplies or the ability to procure them in the immediate short term. Others percolate a bit. I might have the inspiration but not the mojo. I might be elbow deep in a different project. The supplies I need might be hard to find, or more expensive than my impulse-buy limit (if limit can be used for an amount that has no concrete value and instead is both self-imposed and dependant on my mood, patience level and possibly the current placement of the astrological constellations). Often, for projects in this category, there’s a whole load of self-doubt and sabotage going on as well.

It’s those second category projects that take up the most headspace. They sit there, waiting, despite the roadblocks. Maybe they start to fade, and then I’m giving myself a mental shake, reminding myself to not forget that cool idea I really want to do…but not yet. On the days where my entire to-do list feels overwhelming, those are the projects that float to the top and feel the mort urgent, even though I know I won’t start them. Whatever the reason is that I don’t start them straight away, I also don’t want to give them up.

In the pile of goodies I received during Twelve Days 2.0, was a composition book and a pen that quickly became my favourite. It would be, I decided, the perfect option for a creativity journal and dumping ground.

A million years (or just a decade) ago, I tried bullet journalling, and couldn’t really get it to work for me in the life changing way its devotees promised. I didn’t give it up completely though, and used a form of it as my diary and note booking system developed into something that was a better fit for my brain and my lifestyle. Life, in the way that it does, continued to change and grow and so did my diary and organisation system. My current day book pulls elements from the bujo concept, in a way that makes sense for me now, but couldn’t really be called a bullet journal. Similarly, my creative journal is semi-bujo inspired, but like, the lazy girls version, I guess. There isn’t a encyclopaedic range of symbols to code each task, nor pretty hand lettering, cute stickers, and colour coded pens. What there is, is an index, a stack of half-cryptic notes, and a whole lot of brain-on-paper buying me back mental space.

I love having a place I can track all the various parts of my creative life without needing to have seperate journals or think too much about where it fits. I pick a page, add a number and list it in the index, and get to work. It’s a journal for working, not for making it insta-worthy.

In the journal today? Easter plans. The long weekend looms, and we have Holy Week activities to get through each day and a house to clean for visitors, and World Science Festival adventures to wrap up in our main lesson books. There’s shenanigans afoot in the ministry, and 100 Days to continue catching up. I’m down to 50% of the tiny army, with the two big kids off at work. I might even be able to sneak in some crafting time. Before all that thought, there’s a coffee and an almost-freshly-baked hot cross bun calling my name – we wouldn’t want it to go stale now, would we? Happy Tuesday friends, I hope it’s amazing for you.

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