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couch bound

couch bound

If you’ve been around here or my insta for a while, you might know I have a reputation for ridiculous injuries that are just a little bit extra. It is, admittedly, a well earned reputation – burning my foot on a heat gun at midnight the night before camp is a particular highlight (lowlight?). I think though, I have outdone myself this time. The scene: two small steps. The activity: coming down those two steps looking for the cat. The result: 3.5 hours in A&E, soft tissue/ligament damage, moonboot, crutches.

Only I could wind up with restricted mobility by coming down two steps that I’ve been traversing multiple times a day every day for the past three years. Far out Brussel Sprout. A week on, I’m doing a lot better and can hobble around with varying levels of discomfort, but by far the biggest injury at this point is to my pride. To say I feel like a goose is an understatement.

The first couple of days I was very limited on the weight bearing (aka I couldn’t), so I played up the sympathy points with the kids, getting them to bring me snacks and projects. By day three, I was feeling trapped and frustrated, with a side serve of executive functioning freeze. If I couldn’t move around and do stuff as and when I wanted to, then I couldn’t be bothered even doing the stuff I wanted to do. With the benefit of (a little bit of) time, I can see I actually didn’t do too badly.

I managed to direct a basic kind of school from the couch, even if we couldn’t do the fun active stuff we normally would. The mister decided my laid up status meant I had no reasonable excuse to not mend a hole in his pants. Unfortunately I had to concede he had a point, and mended them, but moaned and carried on the whole time just to remind him – mending is not sewing! I got my two big projects – 100 Days of Rectangles and Project365 – up to date, even if my photos did require a bit of extra creativity to make it work on one leg! I cast off a second sock and cast on a skirt. On Pinterest I’d found a cute crochet design without a pattern, that I reverse engineered and then swatched. While I had my yarn bag out, I decided to wind the balls into cakes to try and tidy it up a bit.

I’d had big plans for computer work, and I did get a bit of it done – two different patterns drafted up ready for photos and formatting. There was a little bit of blogging catch up, but not as much as I’d hoped. Even the podcast editing I could have done a stack on, and yet I was editing it the day before it dropped like usual. I read a bit, scrolled a bit, chatted a bit, got annoyed at myself a lot. The more mobile I get though the more mojo I feel coming back. The skirt is into the second of five repeats. My photos are (almost) up to date. I managed half a book last night.

It’s interesting to me how interconnected my motivation and productivity are, almost in an inverse relationship. To be motivated and then become productive is a normal thing that normal people do. I find it tends to work the opposite for me. If I’m not productive, or like in this case, am restricted in what I can do, I become less motivated to do anything creative. Conversely, the more I do, the more motivated I feel to keep making. After a week of not doing much, I jumped on a call Friday morning with Car – we’re done recording the current series of our podcast but it’s become such a part of our routine that we’ll often jump on just to chat and art together. In that hour, I did more than I’d done the four days prior. A rectangle. Part of a mini class. A Lino cut. Some knitting. Then once the creative dam was broken, I was back in the swing of it, and have been powering through since.

I even managed to tidy my ottoman storage box and reset it to its original neat and tidy state. Clearly the mojo is back and ready to craft…what should I fill the box up with first?

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      I’m sure sorry to hear about your tumble! Something as innocuous as steps… I completely understand the humiliation. I too took a tumble, two weeks ago. I was simply heading out on a healthy power-walk, and my left leg just didn’t want to support me (oesteoarthristis that has never behaved like this before!). I went down on my left knee, then my right knee, then my right elbow, then the heels of my palms. Being on blood thinners, the result wasn’t pretty. It’s been antibiotics and steroids, and bandages. Moving has been hobbling, so I understand your limitations. Yet, you’ve certainly had it worse, needing also to tend to children, hubs, and household activities. Though your frustration is apparent, you’ve managed well. Keep healing. Keep creating, which is the best therapy ever!

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        Oh gosh that sounds like a nasty fall you poor thing! It’s a horrible feeling knowing you’re on your way down and unable to save yourself, isn’t it? I hope you are on the mend soon!

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