creepy, much?

Number four on the camp gifty parade, a little needle felted monkey, for Kirsty..


Well, I’m calling it a monkey. It was supposed to be more sock monkey and less demon-possesed-creepy-critter. But Kirsty was very kind about him. I just hope she doesn’t show her small children…

Today we’ve poked around, we made a fabric scrap wreath, and Bear is writing his first lot of kindy Christmas cards, which is just far far too cute! My secret Santa is just about bundled up and ready to send, and I have a WIP from craft camp begging for a finish. Since it can be completed with stash stuff, I may even work for a bit tonight and then sew. We’ll see. Lots to do, and rapidly running out of days to do it. Three weeks until Christmas, and I’m yet to start shopping…

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