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As much as I enjoyed these mini goals over the past two years, I feel like I’m hitting a bit of a wall, and struggling to set a top three each month. I enjoy the process of having those three things to focus on – I have them noted on the dashboard of my day book, and I made a smaller version for weekly focus points for my cricut email series. I even apply the top three process to my daily to-do list and shared a freebie planner sheet over on the podcast blog! And yet, I sat down yesterday to set my intentions for March, and it was like I had never set a goal in my life, and had not a single thing I wanted to do.

I mentioned in my 100 Days post that I feel like I’m in a bit of a rut, and my struggle to set goals is definitely reflecting that. Everything feels just more of the same old same old. These mini goals have been so helpful over the last couple of years, that no matter how hard they feel to set, I will be thankful. So I stripped it right back. I deleted my February goals from the graphic so they wouldn’t influence me. I made a cup of tea, and flicked through my camera roll, looking back over the morning at the art gallery, and picking apart where I felt inspired and how I could leverage that. I contemplated what I already had on the go – most are ongoing projects, not due for a finish within the month but still something I could work on. I looked forward, to see what was coming up that I could use this month to get planned for.

Sometimes, it’s not about big shiny impressive goals. Sometimes, it’s just about adding a li’l razzle dazzle to doing the days.

SMALL SCALE CREATIVE PLAY: yesterday at the gallery was super inspiring, but I also walked away thinking “I would love to do some Lino carving but do I really have the space”. Then I found myself at the art shop with a 3×4″ Lino piece in my hand, and I decided – I could make space for that. I feel a bit like I’m shrinking to fit inside the last stint of tiny house life, and maybe instead of pushing against it, I lean in, and make it part of the process. Tiny rectangles for 100 days, tiny Lino cuts to scratch the creative itch…

NEW SEASON SEWING PLAN: Me Made May is coming! Last year I added almost nothing new to my wardrobe, but I have a few pieces of new fabric I’m keen to turn into something pretty. This month, I plan to pull out a couple of my favourites, and work out a plan for them.

MINI PROJECT MULTITASKING: Project365. 100 Days. Temperature stitches. Three daily projects, plus socks mid-knit, and a new crochet blanket, plus reading and space for new projects as the mojo arises. This month I’m not going to focus on just one thing, or aim for a finish. I want to celebrate all the different ways I enjoy creating, and keep up with ongoing projects plus make progress on everything else. A little bit of everything.

Not big. Not fancy. Just a little bit of fun and find my way out of my crafty rut this month.

Are you a goal setter? I’d love to know how you come up with options when nothing jumps out at you as something obvious to work towards. Drop me a comment and let me know!

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