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April came and went and not a single goal was met, or even made! It was a one-foot-in-front-of-the other month, interspersed with flashes of intense joy and contentment. With so much happening, it was always destined to be a go-with-the-flow kind of month, but May is here and with it, a fresh start and new goals!

Here’s what I’m working towards in May:

#memademay for the third year!! I wrote a bit about this yesterday, and while I feel a bit unmotivated to start, a good clean out of my wardrobe and loading it up with me-made garments has me all excited again.

Improved language skills. We are very excited to be welcoming my brother in law to Australia for Christmas – his first visit since 2007!! A momentous occasion for my husband’s family, and to help ease the visit, I’m working hard on getting my German skills up to at least rudimentary conversation level. I’m running through German lessons and revision twice a day on memrise plus a program called “Deutsche mit Felix und Franzi” daily with the children. We’re slowly folding more German expressions into our daily life so I’m feeling optimistic about my attempt!

Peace in the home stretch. We’re down to the final few months in the cabin, and I’m feeling more frizzly as we get closer, not less! This month I want to focus on grounding and claiming myself to finish up this season of tiny house life well.

With all my blog dramas, I have quite the backlog of posts, so a bonus goal for May is to get my round up posts all caught up this week so I can feel clear and back on track as we head towards the halfway point of the year.

What’s on your May list?

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