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CULTIVATE :: the year that was

CULTIVATE :: the year that was

One of my favourite ways to spend New Years Eve, is to revisit two posts – the one I wrote on this day last year, and the one following it, where I share my word for the year to come and what it means to me.

As I came into 2023, with my word CULTIVATE, I had big plans. I stuck to some, I let others go. As I prepared for what I knew would be a busy year, I shared my motivation behind choosing CULTIVATE – “It’s intention, with action. It encourages growth, and encourages rest. Restoration and self care. It supports current hobbies and leaves space for new ones.” I that, I think I succeeded.

2023 was hard in ways I didn’t expect, but in between it all, I found ways and time to CULTIVATE large projects and new projects. I chose to CULTIVATE friendships in new ways. I am beyond thrilled to be working to CULTIVATE a family culture that works for new stages and spaces. Coming to the end of the year, I am rather thankful to let go of what has past, and I look forward to the new year with a sense of joy and gratitude, and a peace that I had to choose to CULTIVATE each and every day.


January – Plus One, a gift quilt.
February – Trollopoly, the crowning glory in last years 12 Days swap
March – My Everyday Life (now defunct)
April – Easter baskets
May – craft night at Scouts
June – the launch of 15@40
July – a birthday cake for Mr17’s bestie
August – first project blocked in the house!
September – the wrap of 15@40
October – new craft room organisation
November – new mandala blanket
December – digital papers + December Daily


#1 – As always, my reusable shopping bag pattern and tutorial remain one of my most popular posts, with over 20,000 (!!) pins on Pinterest!
#2 – a new entry to the top three this year, my knitted Christmas tree tutorial, thanks to a late flurry of activity on Pinterest.
#3 – and dropping to number three this year – my tea wallet tutorial

(This year’s lesson – share more tutorials!)


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Farewell, 2023, you’ve been long and busy and will forever be the year we fondly remember as the year we came home. So long and thanks for all the fish.

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