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custom thread minders {commission}

custom thread minders {commission}

“Hey Rachy”, the message started. When it comes to messages from Car, such an opening is either an idea that will lead me into shenanigans, or into a new craft that will cost me a lot of money. Often, it’s both. A bad influence, that girl is. On this occassion, however, it was a new project – would I be interested in making her a couple of thread minders. Um, YES! We tossed around a few ideas, and slowly a plan came together.


For the story time sampler – a book case collage:

book shelf collage thread minder


Funny story on this one – see that little star? So that strip of paper is actual the edge of a piece from a paper pad, and it had a hole in the middle of it. But I was desperate to use this particular strip, because of those cameras. Both Car & I are mad photography nuts, so I really liked the idea of using this little bit of both of us as the shelf. Never fear, says I, I know I have a metal C in my stash, part of a set gifted to me to spell out my eldest child’s name, but that hasn’t been used in the last 8 years, so I wouldn’t miss it, surely. Perfect to “hang” from the shelf. I sifted through my embellishment drawer, and finally spotted the ziplock bag holding the letters of Bear’s name. Tipping them out over the table, I searched for the C…before realising of course there is no C because we used a K in his name instead. Yes. That’s an actual thing that happened. After 8 years of tacking “with a K” to the end of his name, I managed to be the confused one. I blame the teething toddler and ridiculous lack of sleep.


 The second thread minder was for a Christmas themed sampler, so a Christmas tree was requested. I had a bit of an idea of what I wanted – the edge to edge stamping was something I’d had in mind from the beginning & I really loved how it turned out.

christmas tree thread minder


One of the funnest parts of my “job”, is I never really know what each week will involve. This year I’m looking to experiment a bit more in what “work” looks like for me (does it count as work when I love it this much?), but I also love the fact that random little projects like this come up & give me a chance to play & explore & create something that I’m told is well loved in it’s new home.

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