day five, and camp wrap up.


Today’s reverb –
What was your dream destination in 2012 and why?

It can be a town, city, country or region — real or imaginary — and doesn’t matter if you actually got there or not!

Since a return to Paris isn’t on the cards for another couple of years, this years big travel countdown was for QUILT CAMP!!


Two and a half days of craftiness and laughter. And oh man did we laugh. I felt pretty productive over the weekend, despite the breaks for shenanigans – I finished quilting a WIP that I just need to finish off for a friend, I completed one of the six BOMs sitting in my to-do pile, I felted a pea for Car, I rippled a bit, I finished two hats, and I created the blocks for Boy2’s very very orange quilt – and almost managed to get the top together. The basis of the top, I finished instead on Sunday night after camp, when Bee and I perched up on my dining table, and kept the crafty mojo flowing, until a requirement for additional fabric pulled me up. We had a lovely photo walk, we swapped gifts, we talked. All in all, a brilliant weekend. Probably the only down side was getting halfway through the 3.5 hour drive to camp, and suddenly realising, the big box of cheesecakes and slices I’d been taunting the other girls with? Yeah, it was still in the fridge at home. Bugger. At least my abandoned family had something yummy to snack on. I think the girl probably still haven’t forgiven me that one. I’ll make it up next year, promise!!


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