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…DIVE into August…

…DIVE into August…

It’s been an interesting experiment, setting mini goals each month to fit my word of the year. Some months its really easy to come up with three things to focus on. Other months I really have to think about it. And then there’s August, being a bit of both.

The first one is easy – I want to make as much as I can with my June Lingerie Society box. Back in my scrapbooking days, we called this “killing the kit”, and that’s exactly what I plan to do! From my kit I plan to make:
*a self drafted bra, using the cups from a favourite RTW bra that is now cactus
*Violet knickers (low rise) to match the above bra
*Hyacinth bralette
*small dreams factory hipster undies
*Mallori Lane bralette
*self drafted knickers
*Linden camisole
*shortie boxers

Once I have all those cut out (today hopefully!) I will reassess and see what bits I have left and work out what else to add to the list.

I want to keep on with my reading goal – I only read one book in July, which is pitiful for me! So I’m aiming for four books – and a minimum of five minutes a day – in July.

I also want to work harder at getting more out of my Cricut, so I’m planning on having a play with sticker making this month. I’m thinking of making some for my day book for those things that come up every stinkin’ day, to save me from writing it constantly!

So. That’s August, or the plan for it anyway. We are on school break this week, so I’m planning to get stuck in and get a heap of fabric cut today, so I can get my sewing done in batches in between hanging out with the kids. Today is one of those glorious sunny days that feels much more like spring than winter. I’m powering through my washing basket trying to get it emptied before the next band of rain settles in. The kids are having a ball wearing out the new puppy, while our older dog and the cat both sulk about the presence of this interloper who has ruined their lives. School holidays as homeschoolers have a very different vibe to school holidays when the children were in mainstream school, but I think I enjoy them even more. Not a single lesson plan to review or times tables to recite. MAGIC. Have a wonderful Monday, friends!

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